Dr. Marsha Hartman, PhD

May 23, 2024
Source: FlowView Diagnostics

We just grew by another great mind! Dr. Marsha Hartman, PhD.

Background & achievements

  • PhD in Epidemiology from the University of Texas Health Science Center
  • Credentials in healthcare marketing from Pepperdine Graziadio Business School
  • Advanced training in immunology from Baylor College of Medicine

Marsha is well known for her innovative use of kernel density mapping to show how tuberculosis spreads via public transportation and for emphasizing the significance of IFNg for diagnosis. These have advanced medical research significantly.

Looking ahead

Marsha is well-positioned to establish solid partnerships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), take advantage of data-driven insights, and present creative ideas to improve growth and customer happiness because she has a great passion for FACS innovation and a solid scientific background.

I’m honored to join FlowView’s board, focused on integrating AI in flow cytometry. My goal is to leverage their clinical insights to date for broader adoption and expansion. AI will transform data interpretation and integration, especially with FlowView’s user-empowering Asudes platform. I’m excited to collaborate with many of YOU for next-gen analysis.

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