How AI is Changing Single Cell Data Analysis with FlowView?

Clinician showcasing how our automated asudes platform changes flow cytometry data analysis

Flow cytometry is a powerful tool for research and clinical diagnosis that makes cell population analysis incredibly easy. Even with the potential it has, flow cytometry single cell data analysis might be difficult because of its complicated structure. With the help of this method, we can look into marker expression at the level of individual […]

An automated flow cytometry disease detection ECLIPSE algorithm

Logo for ECLIPSE Algorithm, symbolizing advanced disease detection through automated flow cytometry, with a crescent moon and digital blue background.

Multicolour Flow Cytometry (MFC) has changed the field of biomedicine by serving as a diagnostic powerhouse for assessing health and disease. This technique enables us to examine marker expression at the individual cell level that offers crucial insights into cellular characteristics. Additionally, by simultaneously measuring multiple markers on cells, Automated Flow Cytometry (MFC) allows for […]

How decision support transforms flow cytometry diagnostics from radiology roots?

Microscopic visualization of neutrophil maturation and its interaction with COVID-19, highlighting the immune response.

The healthcare industry is undergoing significant changes thanks to the adoption of decision support systems. These intelligent tools are explicitly designed to assist healthcare professionals in making informed decisions, thereby improving patient care and outcomes. The roots of decision support can be traced back to radiology. Understanding its adoption curve in this domain can provide […]