AI-driven flow cytometry data analysis software.

Intelligent decision support for precise data analysis in flow cytometry.

FlowView researcher pointing out at AI which is used in flow cytometry data analysis

Our Partners.

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What we do?

FlowView is dedicated to the field of flow cytometry. Our software offers precise and thorough flow cytometry data analysis through the use of AI algorithms.

We provide sophisticated solutions for the analysis of flow cytometry data.

Flow cytometry analysis with AI.

Use flow cytometry analysis for better clinical operations, research, and patient care. Because standard analyses are limited, we implement adaptations.

🚀 Unique insight

Artificial intelligence for clear and helpful guidance.

🏥 Precision in patient care

Supporting medical professionals in making well-informed choices.

⏱️ Efficiency & speed

Reducing processing time, focusing on patient care.

🔬 Impactful research

Contributing to medical knowledge and research.

Interactive asudes platform interface with AI chip illustration representing AI-driven analytics in flow cytometry.

Simplifying data complexity in flow cytometry with ASUDES.

In cooperation with leading researchers, our AI algorithm changes huge amoung of flow cytometry data into a simplified 2D-image format. This method greatly improves how we use data.

Why asudes platform?

rapid results icon for flow cytometry results

Our technology will rapidly decrease wait times and enable timely decision-making.

accurate and reliable data icon in flow cytometry

Accurate data and trustworthy analysis to guarantee the highest degree of trust in your results.

consistency icon in analyses results in flow cytometry

Confirm that your analyses are consistent in order to remove variances and encourage reliable, repeatable outcomes.

automated workflow streamline icon in flow cytometry

Goodbye to manual processes. Our automated solutions streamline your workflow, saving you time and effort.

standardized icon that enhances data with protocols in flow cytometry

Benefit from standardized protocols that improve data quality and comparability across different settings.

Frequently Asked Questions.

FlowView Diagnostics is a pioneering company specializing in AI-driven flow cytometry solutions. Our mission is to reshape flow cytometry analysis through our innovative AI platform, ASUDES. This software makes complex data analysis accessible and actionable for healthcare professionals, researchers and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs).

Asudes is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that use advanced AI algorithms to analyze large quantities of raw flow cytometry data. It simplifies this data into a more interpretable format.

Our AI-powered methodology provides automated flow cytometric identification of disease specific cells by the patented eclipse algorithm. Our platform also compares data to your own control groups and delivers a thorough analysis. Paired with our intuitive interface, this offers a more advanced yet user-friendly solution for everyone. 

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