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Intelligent decision support for Flow cytometry.

Unlocking the Power of AI Flow Cytometry Data: Transparent Cell-to-Care Transformation with Evidence-Based AI Decision Support.

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The next dimension in Multicolor Flow Cytometry

Join us on a journey into the future of multicolor flow cytometry with FlowView Diagnostics. Introducing FlowView, the solution that brings you the next dimension in clinical decision support. Our innovative platform revolutionizes the analysis of massive raw datasets, providing rapid, standardized, and precise insights that accelerate treatment decisions.

Join us at ESCCA Trade Show!

We are thrilled to announce our participation at ESCCA Trade Show as FlowView Diagnostics, the leading provider of intelligent decision support solutions for flow cytometry.

ESCCA Trade Show brings together top researchers, industry leaders, and passionate professionals to explore the potential of flow cytometry. Whether you're an expert or new to the field, this is the perfect platform to gain invaluable insights.

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ESCCA booth number s7
ESCCA booth number s7
ESCCA trade show booth for flowview diagnostics

Flow Cytometry (MFC)

The healthcare future: Embracing Intelligent Decision Support for Enhanced Patient Care

Powered by AI, the asudes platform is a Clinical Decision Support Platform for Flow cytometry  that helps analyzing very complex data sets, enabling care teams to save time by reducing variabilities in outcomes, reduction in processing time, and improve the lives of patients. 

laptop showing AI decision support in flow cytometry software called asudes

The asudes Platform

Powered by evidence-based AI analysis, FlowView delivers transparency from Cell to Care 

Asudes offers a pipeline where data remains data, insights remain insights and decisions become valuable

How does asudes work?

blood sample is being examined in flow cytometry device that helps physician decide whether surgery is needed or it is not
Asudes platform how it works
How does asudes work?

Supporting physicians with an visual indication of disease development.

  • Intuitive understanding of the state of the level of abberant cells in a bloodsample 
  • Prediction capabilities of deterioration of disease 
  • Presenting and tracking trends 
  • Various user expert levels based on clinical role 
physician deciding between two options thanks to decision support platform

Eclipse is symplifying super-sized data

Embedded in our asudes platform, eclipse analyses the large volumes of raw data produced by MFC and filters out all normal cells, leading to a non-crowded representation of abnormal cells, shown as simplified 2D image.

Why Asudes Platform?






Flow cytometric evaluation

Flow cytometric evaluation of the neutrophil compartment in COVID-19 at hospital.

OT for flow cytometry data

Optimal Transformation for flow cytometry data (Otflow) uses various statistical methods.

Eclipse algorithm introduction

New method ECLIPSE (Elimination of Cell Lying in Patterns Similar to Endogeneity).

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